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The St. Claude de La Colombiere Men's Catholic House is a Catholic ministry on the Marquette University campus. It houses between 5 and 7 men each semester. Although not officially affiliated with the University, its members are largely involved in Catholic efforts at Marquette. Ministries unaffiliated with the University include daily morning prayer, Friday rosary (which is open to anyone who would like to pray the rosary) and Saturday night parties.

The Men's House has a sister house located three doors down, known as the St. Margaret Mary Women's Catholic House.

The idea for the Men's Catholic House was inspired by the ministries of St. Paul's Outreach in Minnesota and the Household system at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

The House

The Men's Catholic House is one-half of a duplex located near Marquette's Campus. It is a three-story building. The first floor contains a living area, one bathroom, a dining area, and a large kitchen. There is also a porch that contains a grill and chairs used for lounging.

The second floor has three bedrooms. It also contains a second bathroom and a small hallway area that is occasionally used for sword fighting.

The basement level has a small room used mostly for storage. A two car garage is a well-used asset of the house. It usually holds one car, along with many bikes. The space is also used as storage. It has been a woodworking shop and a workout area. On rare occasions, large parties spilled into this area as well.

The Faith

The Men of the Catholic House live in close community with one another. In addition to participating in several of the Catholic organizations on campus, the members have a few commitments to each other.


Morning prayer is said Monday through Friday. On Fridays, a rosary is prayed along with the members of the Girls' House and any other guests. The House members also attend a weekly Mass together, usually at the Joan of Arc chapel, located on Marquette's campus. Once a week, the House members have a meal. This time is used for community bonding and discussions, Theological or otherwise.

On most Saturday evenings during the school year, a non-alcoholic party is held in either the Men's House or the Women's House. Special events include a large Halloween party held at the Men's House, and a large Thanksgiving feast held at the Women's House.

Once per Semester

The House members also participate in a retreat with the members of the Women's House in the beginning of the school year. This is a way for the members to bond and learn more about each other, and become closer to God.

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